Rainwater harvesting tanks and liquid fertilser tanks for increased fertility

Teagasc/GIIL which monitors Irish farms has highlighted an importance of fertility in terms of both cows and soil.  The longer cows are milking during the grass-growing season, the better.  Three such plastic tanks that can contribute to the fertility of cows and grass are liquid fertiliser tanks, molasses tanks and rainwater harvesting tanks.

Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are a great addition to any farm to ensure that free water is captured and stored for animal watering, crop watering and general cleaning.  Available in sizes from 400 litres to 25000 litres, these one-piece tanks do not corrode, are impact-resistant and are long lasting.

The Enduramaxx range of molasses tanks are heavy duty rotationally-moulded and UV stabilised to store valuable molasses to feed animals throughout the year, ensuring cows are as fertile and productive as possible when it counts.  Available in sizes from 5000 to 25000 litres, there is a molasses tank for all sizes of farm.

Enduramaxx Liquid Fertiliser Tanks ensure that you have an adequate supply of fertiliser throughout the growing season.  Available in sizes right through to 25,000 litres, you will also make cost savings through the ability to bulk buy.

For more information on Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, Liquid Fertiliser Tanks and our wider range of vertical rainwater tanks, cone tanks and vertical tanks, please get in touch.

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