Plastic v’s Stainless Food Grade Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx Plastic v's Stainless Food Grade Storage Tanks

Plastic v’s Stainless Food Grade Storage Tanks

Once your food or beverage production facility outgrows drums, IBC’s, and totes, it is often time to invest in larger storage tanks for food storage and clean-in-place chemicals. There are many options available to choose from, we outline a few things you will need to consider.

  • Food Safe / Food Contact Requirements

  • Full-drain Capabilities

  • Value for money

At Enduramaxx we manufacture industry-leading food-grade tanks, IBC’s & silos, food-grade bulk tanks & cone tanks for foodstuff and drinks, WRAS approved potable water storage tanks and bunded storage tanks for cleaning and CIP chemical storage.

Food Safe / Food Contact Requirements

As well as our storage tanks in black, blue, and natural being WRAS approved, these are also safe for contact with food.   Many plastic tanks use tank connectors that have gaskets that can harbour germs and are difficult to clean, we always recommend welded fittings that do not have gaskets and are resistant to a lot of CIP wash chemicals.

View our food safe storage tanks here

100% Full-Drain Tanks

Full drainage is a major challenge for food processing companies and without considering this, batches of food and drinks can be spoilt and can be difficult to remove the aggressive CIP acids chemicals which are used between batches to clean the tanks.

Some tanks have siphon tubes fitted in the tank however this will still leave the product in the tank which cannot be drained.   Conical Cone tanks provide the ultimate solution for applications that require complete drainage and are a necessity for efficient processing of some liquids. Using a conical tank for some applications has advantages that can save money and time when compared to a flat bottom tank.  Their cone base and smooth internal walls ensure complete discharge giving clear advantages for food production and manufacturing.

View our range of conical tanks here

Value for Money

Although plastic conical tanks have the added cost of the steel frame over a vertical storage tank, a stainless steel storage tank can cost 3-6 times more than a comparable polyethene storage tank.  Welded fittings can cost 3-4 times the price of a standard bulkhead fitting, this is still a lot less than spoilt batches of food or drink as a result of product trapped gaskets.

Plastic v’s Stainless Food Grade Storage Tanks

Stainless steel tanks are the best option for meeting pressure and temperature requirement as a PE tank cannot be pressurised and the max temperature for a PP tank is 65 deg C.  However if you are looking at cost differences and would like to discuss more, please get in touch today with Enduramaxx on 01778 562810, as we can help you design a food-safe, fully draining tank system and customise to your requirements.

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