New COVID-19 Grant To Support UK Businesses

New COVID-19 Grant To Support UK Businesses

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a major impact on UK businesses across pretty much every sector. This has been most keenly felt by the reduction in spending which COVID prompted from the public. This saw many businesses lose a lot of their sales and struggle to keep going. As a result, the Government has supported UK businesses with a range of packages over the last 12 months.

But what is the latest COVID grant available for UK businesses all about?

Restart Grant

The Restart Grant is a new £5 billion scheme for companies in England who have been forced to close because of COVID. It is thought that non-essential shops may be first in line for this support and be eligible for up to £6,000 per premise. It is also reported that a one-off grant of up to £18,000 for English gyms, personal care businesses, hospitality, accommodation and leisure facilities will be available. The businesses eligible to apply will be able to do so through their local council’s website.

Get Back On Track With Enduramaxx

If your business has been affected by the reduced spending and sales COVID has brought, you need to find the best value products to help. This will mean that any money you do make goes further and you can still get the supplies you need.

Of course, if your business has closed but will be starting up again due to the new grant, you may well need essential kit to begin trading with again. If you need top-quality, great value water and chemical storage tanks, then Enduramaxx can help.

But Just What Kinds Of Products Do We Stock?

Water storage tanks

Made from high-grade materials, the rugged design of our water tanks will give many years of service. Available in sizes from 150 up to 90,000 litres, our tanks even come in portable or non-portable designs for extra choice.

Chemical storage tanks

Here at Enduramaxx, we are known as the leading supplier of chemical storage tanks in the UK. Our team of qualified CAD engineers and manufacturing operatives use the latest stabilisation technology to produce safe, secure tanks. Rotational moulding and a polyethylene design also give them superb usability and durability.

Spraying and ATV units

These units are particularly handy in the agricultural sector, where they can be used for crop spraying. ATV and spraying units reduce the time spent filling the sprayer and thus allow you to work more efficiently.

Bespoke tanks

While our off the shelf tanks are perfect for most people, you may have a specialist project which needs a bespoke solution. This is no problem for Enduramaxx because we have a range of bespoke tanks to choose from. From liquid fertiliser to acids, we are sure to have a specialist tank that can stand up to what will be kept inside it.

Chat With The Enduramaxx Sales Team Today

If you will be using the grant mentioned above to restart your business, finding the products to get going again is key. For construction, agricultural and industrial applications, our range of top-quality tanks is hard to beat. Get in touch with our sales team on 01778 562 810 for a chat about which tank best meets your needs.

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