Maintaining Your Underground Water Storage Tank

Maintaining Your Underground Water Storage Tank

An underground water storage tank is a great way to store water for drinking, irrigation, and many other commercial and domestic uses. Because the tank is buried underground, it offers an effective way to store water without creating an eyesore. However, this also comes with its own set of problems. Because the tank is underground, it can be harder to spot hygiene and maintenance issues. This is why it’s vital to choose a high-quality water tank. A water tank that is high quality allows you to easily solve these issues. Here are a few tips to keep your underground water tank in full working order.

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1. Keep An Eye Out For Leaks

As an underground water tank gets older, minor leaks are inevitable. It is important to inspect your tank for leaks on a regular basis so that they can be caught as soon as possible. It is relatively cheap to fix a small leak, but waiting until the leak becomes visible at surface level, or even until it causes the ground to collapse, can be far more expensive.

2. Inspect The Water Quality Regularly

Underground water tanks must be inspected regularly, especially if the water is intended for human consumption. The Drinking Water Inspectorate advises that drinking water tanks should be inspected annually and that bacteria sampling should be carried out every six months. This will allow you to detect contaminants in the water that could lead to outbreaks of waterborne infections such as Legionnaires’ Disease. You should also look for visual warning signs between inspections. If the water appears to contain silt, signs of plant growth or animal faeces, you should get your tank cleaned as soon as possible.

Have Your Tank Cleaned Annually

Whether or not an inspection finds any contaminants, it is important to have your underground water tank cleaned at least once a year. The correct underground water tank cleaning procedure involves chlorinating the tank in order to kill any bacteria that may have accumulated.

Choose A Durable Tank

Choosing a quality water tank is the most effective way to avoid problems further down the line. We offer robust water tanks from 800 to 9500 litres in capacity. We can install plastic or galvanised lids to reduce the risk of cracks or leaks, as well as the option of a raised turret for AB air gap installations to prevent contamination from nearby water sources.

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