Large plastic water tanks for industry and agriculture

Enduramaxx manufactures large plastic water tanks for industry and agriculture from rotationally moulded plastic.  These large water tanks are ideal for acids and chemicals, water and rainwater harvesting, process water and wastewater storage and storage of foodstuffs.  Manufactured from non-tainting plastic material, these storage tanks for potable water approved to Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) for public water supply, as a one-piece moulded tanks without seams or welds.

Popular vertical rotationally moulded water storage tanks

Code Vertical Plastic Water Tanks Lid (mm) Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
172115 5000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 1900 2300
172116 6000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 1900 2500
172122 10000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 2400 2500
172124 10000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 1900 3700
172123 11000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 2600 2470
172125 12500 Litre Vertical Tank 620 2600 2600
172128 14000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 2600 2900
172129 15000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 2400 3550
172130 16800 Litre Vertical Tank 620 2600 3410
172138 20000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 2850 3600
172135 20800 Litre Vertical Tank 620 2600 4150
172150 22000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 3450 2750
172140 25000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 2700 4650
172155 25000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 3450 3200
172260 30000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 3450 3650
172262 40000 Litre Vertical Tank 620 3900 3450


Can I interlink water tanks to get larger volumes?

Linking water tanks makes it easier to add or remove tanks based on water usage needs.  With rainwater harvesting this can be dictated by the existing gutters on buildings and rainwater filters, often water pipework can be diverted relatively easily and can be less expressive to add tanks rather than replace a tank for a new larger one.

Linking water tanks together for rainwater harvesting can reduce the risk from tank failure or contamination.  Isolation valves between each tank mean that should there be a failure or other issue the other tanks can be isolated saving water from being lost.  Often larger tanks are delivered to customer order so there could be a Leadtime for delivery, especially to remote areas.  Balancing the water storage between water tanks means that splitting the total volume of the tanks can act as a backup supply between two or more tanks should it be required.

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Insulated Large Plastic Water Tanks

On some installations, water tanks may need to be insulated for applications where temperature regulation is key and for the prevention of warming up in areas such as plant rooms.  These insulated drinking water tanks are available in up to 40,000 litres are covered in an insulative foam around the tank engineered to prevent condensation and effectively reduce thermal and energy loss.  View our insulated tanks here.

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Fluid Category 5 Compliant Tanks

Fluid Category 5 AB Air Gap Break Tanks are available for the plastic water tanks we manufacture.  The installation and use of cold-water storage cisterns and sectional tanks connected to the public water supply must comply with Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 in England and Wales and the technically identical Scottish Water Byelaws. To meet these requirements, Fluid Category 5 Break Tanks must be used in this instance.

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Large Open Top Plastic Water Tanks

Large Open Top Tanks are available for uses in industry and agriculture.  Applications for these open-top tanks in agriculture include rainwater harvesting & agricultural & horticultural fertiliser mixing. Industrial applications include dipping tanks, chemical plating tanks, mixing tanks & secondary containment for vertical tanks (retrofit bunded tanks).  A popular use for these large open top plastic water tanks is in aquaculture applications where these can be used as fish holding tanks and fish quarantine tanks, Koi tanks & fishponds.

We have various materials which we can supply for these tanks, polyethene for water tanks for temperatures for up to 45 deg C, for temperatures over this we can offer polypropylene. please get in touch today to discuss your needs for large plastic water tanks for industry and agriculture.

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