How to waste less water?

How to waste less water?

Water is a precious commodity that most of us take for granted.  Wastewater, or wasted water, is any water that is used unnecessarily without thought as to why. This water ends up flowing away having been of little or no use.

Water is wasted in many ways:

  • By failing infrastructure, burst water pipes, leaking taps and pipes
  • By teeth cleaning where it seems necessary to leave the tap running whilst brushing.
  • By watering the garden even though it is raining.
  • By leaving the hose running down the drain whilst we shampoo the car.

 How can we use wastewater?

Wastewater that can be reused is any water from household usage that is not contaminated by effluent. Water from the bath, shower and hand basins can be re-channelled for use in the garden by means of saving it from going down the drain.  Installing a greywater capture system which then can also be used to water the garden. More about our rainwater recycling systems here

Why do we waste water?

We usually waste water generally because we have never been taught not to. We turn on the tap and there is water. When we switch it off again is of little importance to too many of us. One has to wonder if those citizens who have to walk miles to obtain a limited supply of water areas careless.

Why should we not waste water?

The world has an ever-increasing human population, who are all reliant on a limited supply of water.  When the taps run dry it will be too late to think…. Why?

Is there anything we can do about water waste?

Yes – We all need to start respecting our life source and act responsibly.

There are many ways to be more efficient in water reuse from saving more of the rain which falls to storing and filtering water we use.  fore more details on rainwater harvesting tanks and underground storage tanks please get in touch.

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