Event water supplies & temporary water; music concerts, festivals & concerts 2021

Enduramaxx Event water supplies & temporary water; music concerts, festivals & concerts 2021

Event water supplies & temporary water for events

Event water supplies & temporary water 2021 – with events festivals, concert and shows coming back late in the year for 2021, the need for the on-site supply of potable (drinking water) and clean non-potable water is often paramount to the success of the occasion for users.

Every show needs a reliable drinking water supply as well as tank storage for waste and every event organiser should carefully consider it.  If there is no existing mains water supply or insufficient for the demand or lacks pressure, water for showers, toilets, handwashing, and cleaning can turn into a nightmare for users and organiser alike.

What type of water tank do I need for shows, festivals & events?

Shows require clean water for showing, washing hands and toilets and wastewater tanks for effluent ad toilet waste.   Enduramaxx manufacture clean water and wastewater / effluent storage up to 30,000 litres.  Often these temporary water supply tanks are interlinked by manifolds to get to larger quantities. This water can then be pumped to various locations around the site or into site bowsers.

Our water tanks in black and blue are manufactured from WRAS approved polymer (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) which means they are odour and taint free. Our range of vertical potable drinking water tanks are rotationally moulded, UV stabilised, food-grade polyethene providing a seamless, and durable solution to on-site storage and supply.

Enduramaxx Event water supplies & temporary water; music concerts, festivals & concerts 2021

What are the most popular sizes of temporary water & effluent tank?

There are many sizes and styles of water tank available, but the following are the most popular for setting up, cleaning, and transporting.

Popular cold water storage tank sizes.

5000 Litres, 10000 litres & 15000 litres will fit on lorry trailers and small trailers.

20000 litres & 30000 litres will require lorry transporting. Tanker load of water which is generally 20,000 – 22,000 litre.

Wastewater tankers can collect up 30,000 litres at a time.

Do I need to do water testing for events temporary water supplies?

Water hygiene is very important for events and festivals. Once the water is delivered, it is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure the water is fit for the purpose. With drinking water, extra measures must be taken to ensure it is wholesome drinking water and water treatment may be required.

When water stored for over 24 hours water testing will be required, the risk assessed, and cleaning and disinfection may be required.  This will need to be carried out by an approved company at 24 hours intervals till it is consumed or refilled to ensure a quality assured temporary supply of water is available. Enduramaxx works with many water supply services and can recommend companies if required.

There are documents online to help with this here

Types of water tanks available for clean water and effluent?

Enduramaxx Event water supplies & temporary water; music concerts, festivals & concerts 2021

Static event water tanks

Depending on the duration of the event, you may want to hire a water tank. Enduramaxx works with many hire and water supplies around the country who can offer tanks from 1000 litre IBC water tanks up to 30,000 litres water tanks.  Please get in touch today for more details on our clean water tanks.

Towable Water Bowsers for event water

Skid and trailer mounted potable water bowsers from 200 litre to 10,000-litre capacities are also available allowing the easy transport of drinking water to site or for transport around the site.

These water bowsers up to 13,000 litres are designed to be secured to the flatbed lorry or onto an HGV trailer and can be used as stand-alone bowsers or used to top up vertical potable tanks.

Glastonbury, the Isle of Wight, and Reading festivals have used our tanks…

Our water tanks have been used at festivals held at Glastonbury, the Isle of Wight and Reading to name but a few, in addition to internationally recognised sporting events around the

For more information and availability on our event water supplies & temporary water tanks and bowsers for festivals please get in touch today on 01778 562810.

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