Why are Conical Separation Tanks used on AD Biogas Plants?

Enduramaxx Conical Separation Tanks for AD Biogas Plants

Conical Separation Tanks for AD Biogas Plants

Conical tanks are uses as separation tanks on AD Biogas Plants for storage of food waste as feed tanks.  Biomass feed tanks are used in the biofuel industry for the storage of liquid and food wastes.  Biofuel is considered as a world environmentally acceptable renewable energy source reducing emissions of greenhouse gases a lowering the demand for fossil fuels for electricity generation.

Conical tanks Advantages

Conical tanks have advantages over standard flat base tanks including;

  • Total drain – the full drain cone also the sludge or food waste to be drained from the base of the tank giving a full drain capability.
  • Easier to clean – the conical base allows full drain of the tank and any CIP chemicals which are used for cleaning.
  • Sampling, racking ports & decant valves – can be fitted to take process pipework. Welded flanges and sockets allow tank fittings to be placed where required to fit in with existing pipework.  Flanges can be fitted on the roof of the tank for ultrasonic level controls.
  • Airtight Lids & Side Access – bolt down lids for airtight connections can be fitted and side access hatches can be fitted to the tank for maintenance and cleaning purposes.
  • One-Piece Moulded tanks – no weld or joins in the tank.

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Typical Separation Tank Specification

Typical separation tanks specification and biomass feed tanks would be fitted with.

  • Flanged inlet
  • Flanged outlets
  • Flange provision for ultrasonic level mounting
  • Overflow
  • Sockets for high-level alarm
  • Side access for entry to the tank for cleaning/maintenance
  • Tanker fill pipes
  • Mixers and agitators

Enduramaxx Conical Tanks

Cone tanks provide the ultimate solution for applications that require complete drainage and are a necessity for the efficient processing of liquids.  For details, pricing or to specify a tank for your next project – please get in touch or view our range online here.

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