Chemical Storage Tanks with Secondary Containment

Chemical Storage Tanks with Secondary Containment

Chemical Storage Tanks with Secondary Containment often consist of bunds or drip trays which are used around storage tanks or drum storage areas where flammable or toxic liquids are held.  Bunds are also sometimes used within plant buildings for reactors and other process vessels.  In line with the HSE website details on Secondary Containment online,  bunds should be sized to hold 110% of the maximum capacity of the largest tank or drum. There are no set rules on the ratio between wall height and floor area and codes vary greatly with respect to recommendations of bund wall height.

Drip Trays

Fabricated Drip Trays For Chemical Tanks

Drip Trays


Fabricated drip trays are often used for equipment liable to small leaks, such as pumps, in-process buildings and are effectively bunds.  Enduramaxx manufactures a range of drip trays which are acid resistant, for use with a wide range of chemicals and liquids. As these are made from sheet plastic these trays or bunds are customisable to your requirements and the space in the plant room.

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Dosing Cabinets & Bunds

Chemical Dosing Cabinets from bespoke polypropylene (PP) for the water treatment industry. Polypropylene has high chemical resistance and widely used in the water treatment industry. These bunds also class as chemical storage tanks with secondary containment.

Chemical Dosing Tank Bunds

Chemical Dosing Tank Bunds


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Bunded Acid and Chemical Tanks

These contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank, so simply put, a plastic bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’.  Examples of chemicals which can be stored in these types of tanks are; Sulphuric acidCaustic Soda, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Nitric acid, Sodium hypochlorite, Sodium hydroxide, Ammonia solution, PAC Ferric sulphate and chloride, Aluminium sulphate and Polymers

Open Bunds


1500 litre chemical tank

Open Bund Tank


Open Bunded Chemical Tank has been specifically designed with pollution control in mind. The outer tank contains a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank to protect from leakage and overfilling.  These open bunded tanks are designed for internal storage of chemicals.

Double-wall bunds with a rain skirt
10000 litre bunded tank

Bunded Tank With Rain Skirt


These double wall bunds are designed for external storage of chemicals as the bund is enclosed. The rain skirt stops the bund filling with water when it rains which could compromise the bund.

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Bunded Day and Dosing Tanks

Swimming Pool Chemical Storage

Swimming Pool Chemical Storage


Plastic chemical dosing tanks are manufactured from rotationally moulded polyethene for use as day tanks, storage of water treatment chemicals, boiler chemicals, mixing and dosing of chemicals, ph adjustments and disinfection liquids.  These moulded dosing tanks are available in a range of sizes from 50 litres to 1000 litres and in natural the level of the contents can be seen.

A range of tank connections and fittings are available including tank frames, fill pipes, Camlock fill pipes and level gauges to your project requirements and are generally available from stock for quick delivery.

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