Can I store acids in plastic bunded chemical tanks?

Enduramaxx Can I store acids in plastic bunded chemical tanks

Why do I need to bund chemical in tanks?

Plastic bunded chemical tanks are used to store bulk acid and chemical storage tanks.  These chemicals are so many purposes in industrial applications to water treatment and bulk delivery by road tanker is often the most cost-effective way to deliver.  From highly acid solutions to highly alkaline liquids, there are tanks designed with the specific need in mind. Where the substance to be stored is hazardous, the tanks can be bunded.

Working from a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), we can produce a chemical tank solution that will specifically suit the nature of the product. The plastic chemical tank range is manufactured with lifting lugs, overflow, inlet and outlet locations that can take up to 150mm fitting(s). We offer customisation to our clients to meet specific needs such as additional bulkheads, welded flanges and much more.

What are Self-Bunded Tanks & Secondary Containment Tanks?

Self-Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks are double skinned tanks sometimes referred to as self-bunded, or as a double confined chemical storage tank. This is where the chemical tank is manufactured with a second outer covering around the primary internal tank.  These bunded tanks are used for storage of other liquid including foodstuff, leachate, wastewater, effluent and where the contents could harm the environment or due to the value of the contents being stored.

In the event of the primary internal tank becoming compromised or failing – the external second tank or bund tank provides a containment bund ensuring that what is stored do not leak and is designed to satisfy health & safety legislation.

What type of plastic are acid tanks and chemical tanks made from?

Enduramaxx tanks are made from the highest quality, mid-density polyethene or polypropylene depending on the chemical and temperature in which the liquid will be stored. These rotationally moulded chemical tanks are non-reactive and safe for use with extremely corrosive solutions.  We can offer tanks able to store liquids with specific gravities up to 2 SG.

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Why do I need to bund chemical in tanks?

A bunded tank is a tank inside a tank – an extra outer tank for safety and to ensure there is no pollution of the environment. They also comply with the current health and safety legislation and are an HSE requirement for many chemical storage tank applications.

What can I store in plastic acid and chemical tanks?

Here are some of the substances these bunded tanks are ideal for:

Other uses include the storage of Admix and Construction admixtures, Caustic Soda Tanks, Deicer Tanks, Sodium Hydrochloride Tanks & Sodium Hydroxide Tanks.

What size of plastic bunded chemical tanks are available?

Enduramaxx storage tanks can be manufactured to hold acids, chemicals and liquids and available in 25 sizes up to 30,000 litres storage capacity. The inner plastic chemical tanks are engineered and constructed as a one-piece moulded tank with no joins or seams.

A range of fittings, flanges and pipework are available to manufacture a plastic bunded tank for industrial applications and water treatment chemical storage installations.

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