Wastewater Treatment Air Diffuser

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Wastewater Treatment Air Diffuser Specification


Wastewater Treatment Air Diffuser

Wastewater Treatment Air Diffuser can be used where continuous wastewater treatment is essential. Plants can continue to operate during installation and removal for maintenance as no tank drain down is required. Diffusers are typically connected to a piping system which is supplied with pressurized air by a blower. This system is commonly referred to as a diffused aeration system or aeration grid.  Aeration is used in water treatment as a pretreatment in the process of removing iron and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) from water. Air is a powerful oxidizer of both iron and hydrogen sulfide. It quickly converts unfilterable ferrous iron to filterable ferric iron, and it reduces hydrogen sulfide to elemental sulphur, which is easily removed from water by a filter.

Air Diffusers for Vertical Tanks

These Air Diffuser systems are ideal for vertical tanks which the diffusers rest directly on the tank floor so no sedimentation can occur.  An air diffuser or membrane diffuser is an aeration device typically in the shape of a disc, tube or plate, which is used to transfer air and with that oxygen into the sewage or industrial wastewater.  Oxygen is required by microorganisms/bacteria residents in the water to break down the pollutants.

Air diffuser for wastewater treatment is ideal for single reactor applications where online installation and maintenance is required. Applications requiring supplemental oxygen supply, mixing, or energy upgrades are also ideal.

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