Vertical Effluent Treatment Plant Tanks

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Vertical Effluent Treatment Plant Tank Specification

  • As non-potable available in green or natural, other colours quoted upon request
  • 100% rust proof
  • UK manufactured
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Supplied direct from stock for fast delivery

Please note: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3% variation

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Vertical Effluent Treatment Plant Tanks

Enduramaxx’s Vertical Effluent Treatment Plant Tanks are rotationally moulded and designed with a smooth interior to resist the growth of algae and bacteria. The polyethene granules used in its construction ensure it is strong, durable and free from corrosion. The increased wall thickness of this tank enables it to be used for the storage of liquids and its ribbed design provides added strength. These treatment plant tanks are available up to 30,000 litres.

Industrial wastewater treatment is the process used for treating wastewater that is produced by industries as a by-product. After treatment, the effluent may be reused or released to a sewer or to surface water in the environment.

Other popular uses for these Vertical Effluent Treatment Plant Tanks

  • Primary treatment and Clarification of liquids
  • Aerobic/Anaerobic Digestion tank
  • Dosing tank, Chemical, and Biological treatment tank
  • Chemical storage tank
  • Dirty water tanks, sludge handling and treatment tank
  • Wastewater tank

Equipment Mounting and Customisation

These tanks are offered with chemical tank options including industrial mixers, liquid level sensor assemblies, and fill pipes.  Other modifications include inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as fume proof lids and vents.

Additional information

Wall Type

1.5 SG, 2.0 SG

Capacity (Litres)

Black, Natural, Dark Green, Blue

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