Vertical Buffer Storage Tanks

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Vertical Buffer Storage Tanks Specification

  • Available in sizes up to 60,000 litres.
  • Outlet and pipework options available
  • Available in black, dark green, boat blue or natural colour.

Vertical Buffer Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx’s vertical buffer storage tanks are available as one price moulded tanks up to 40,000 litres.  Buffer Storage Tanks are used on chilled water storage systems (CHW) used to cool buildings indoor air and equipment and are becoming increasingly common in commercial applications such as large data centres and server rooms.

Buffer storage tanks are a key component in chilled water systems being used to provide additional volume in closed water systems.  By adding this extra water capacity can reduce cycling of compressor units, which in turn improves temperature control giving a more consistent cooling system operation.  Buffer tanks can also smooth out the loads and demands over the day from the business operations making the cooling system more reliable giving it greater longevity and reducing maintenance requirements.

Equipment Mounting, Pipework and Customisation

The vertical buffer storage tanks litre are available with customised fittings and flanges including BSP inlets and outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets, and vents. Liquid level sensor assemblies,  fill pipes and suction pipes are part of the options available for these tanks.

Buffer Storage Tank Delivery

Our Vertical Buffer Storage Tanks are manufactured at our factory in Lincolnshire.  Most of these tanks area stock for collection or quick delivery through the UK.  We are available to deliver to site for an installer with to save double handling of these tanks.  Hiab delivery options are available if required.  Please view our installation guide here.

Additional information

Wall Type

1.5 SG, 2.0 SG

Capacity (Litres)

Black, Natural, Dark Green, Blue

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