Tanker Chemical Filling Stations

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Tanker Chemical Filling Station Specification

  • Suitable for pumped tanker discharge
  • All thermoplastic construction using Co-polymer Polypropylene or HDPE materials
  • Lockable door with integral collection tray for any spillage from tanker hose
  • Drain point with removable chemical collection container with secure cap
  • Fill pipe isolation valve
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Tanker Chemical Filling Stations

Enduramaxx tanker chemical filling stations are a safe method for the controlled delivery of hazardous chemicals into bunded tanks.

The Tanker Chemical Filling Stations have a compact design can be floor mounted and fully lockable allowing the end-user complete control over the tank filling process.

Thermoplastic parts are utilised wherever possible with the use of metal components minimised in order to maintain chemical resistance as far as possible.

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