Soya Bean Oil Tanks

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Soya Bean Oil Tank Specification

  • Rotationally moulded tank
  • Single wall and double wall bunded tanks options
  • Customized with BSP and flanged options

Soya Bean Oil Tanks

Enduramaxx’s Soya Bean Oil Tanks are the best choice for safe storage.  Constructed using corrosion resistant, UV stabilised high-density food grade polypropylene and designed for the containment of liquids up to a Specific Gravity of 1.5 our tanks will provide many years of use.  These tanks are available as bunded tanks form 2,500 litres to 30,000-litre capacities and can provide benefits for cost-saving associated bulk purchasing of Soya Bean Oil.

What is Soybean (Soya Bean) Oil Used For?

Soybean oil is 61% polyunsaturated fat and 24% mono-unsaturated fat. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, sterols, Vitamins A, E and K. Soybean oil is also a cheap and effective dust suppressant for animal feed.

Some of the benefits of feeding Soybean (Soya Bean) Oil to livestock are:

Dairy Cattle:

Increases caloric density of ration, Improves milk production, Improves growth of heifers, Improves the palatability of the rations, Increases the absorption of ration nutrients and Improves tolerance to cold and heat

Beef Cattle:

Increases the tolerance of new-born calves to cold, Improves growth of heifers, Improves rebreeding time of calving females, Increases weaning weights of calves and Improves body condition


Improves reproduction and condition of sows, Increases survival of piglets, Increases the number of pigs weaned per litter,  Improves rate of gain and feed efficiency & Increases sow conception rate in reduced time


Increases egg mass, Improves egg production, Improves utilisation of feed nutrients, Increases the rate of gain, Improves feed efficiency & Improves carcass characteristics

 Storage of Soya Bean Oil

Safe and secure storage of Soya Bean is highly important.   Enduramaxx actively advocates bunding of all Soya Bean tanks to ensure the highest level of safety in case of overfilling.  These tanks are offered with the following options – Liquid level sensor assembliesfill pipes,, fittings flanges including PN16 or BSP fittings to suit your project.  Welded sockets for bund alarms as food-grade fittings for new Soya Bean Oil Tanks.

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Colour Options

Black, Natural, Boat Blue, Dark Green


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