Seaweed Farming Tanks

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Seaweed Farming Tanks – Conical Base

Cylindrical or Conical Tanks are used as seaweed farming tanks as they offer good cleaning and drain facilities.

Cylindrical Aquaculture Tank Features

Enduramaxx open-top conical or cone bottom tanks are made from rotationally moulded plastic which is UV stabilised for many years of use.  Other features of these tanks include

  • Food grade material ensuring safe for food contact
  • Lightweight, robust moulded tank guaranteeing durability
  • Cylindrical cone for maintenance, draining and cleaning
  • Smooth tank walls for easy cleaning
  • Customizable outlets to suit pipework
  • Range of stainless painted or galvanised support frames
  • Reinforcing lip round the top of the tank to provide rigidity

Enduramaxx cylindrical are available from 250 litres to 25,000 litres with a range of cones from shallow 5 deg cones to steeper 60-degree cones

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