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Oyster Hatchery & Nursery Tank

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Oyster Hatchery & Nursery Tank – Conical Base

Oyster Hatchery & Nursery Tank with a cylindrical or conical base work particularly in oyster hatcheries for juvenile oysters for commercial production, restoration projects and research as they offer good cleaning and drain facilities and the ability to sieve larvae and may be graded to size.  The tanks are cleaned and refilled with cultured algae being added.

Cylindrical or Conical Tanks for oyster larvae rearing tank work particularly well to oyster larvae farming in shellfish hatcheries as they allow a distribution larva in the tank. offer good cleaning and drain facilities and the ability to sieve larvae.

Oyster Hatchery & Nursery Tank

Shellfish farming is a significant and growing aquaculture in many parts of the work.  This low-impact, sustainable industry producing a range of different products for the UK market and abroad.

Tanks for larval production are circular, and 900 litres (250 gallons) or larger, and have centre drains and sloping or conical bottoms.  Drain pipes make it convenient to drain water and sieve larvae.

Conical Tanks are used in conjunction with shallow rectangular tanks to provide nursery space for juvenile oysters with aeration supplied from a blower.

Cylindrical Aquaculture Tank Features

Enduramaxx open-top conical or cone bottom tanks are made from rotationally moulded plastic which is UV stabilised for many years of use.  Other features of these tanks include

  • Food grade material ensuring safe for food contact
  • Lightweight, robust moulded tank guaranteeing durability
  • Cylindrical cone for maintenance, draining and cleaning
  • Smooth tank walls for easy cleaning
  • Customizable outlets to suit pipework
  • Range of stainless painted or galvanised support frames
  • Reinforcing lip round the top of the tank to provide rigidity

Enduramaxx cylindrical tanks are available from 250 litres to 25,000 litres with a range of cones from shallow 5 deg cones to steeper 60-degree cones

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