Mixer Tank Baffles

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  • Powder coated or stainless steel frame

Mixer Tank Baffles

Mixer Tank Baffles, the principal function of baffles in a tank is to reduce the swirling in the bulk fluid, and promote circulation between the top and bottom of the tank ensuring the full liquid volumes passes through the high turbulence area of the impeller to stabilize and minimise variation in the agitator power draw.

Baffles are long, flat plates that are attached to the sides of a mixing tank spanning the height of the tank from top to bottom and sometimes attached on the bottom of the tank if it is a cone tank. Most often, baffles are required for larger process tanks, however, in smaller tanks, this can same offsetting a mixer to provide the desired flow pattern. Baffles still provide disruption to the mixing vortex as offsetting has diminishing effects as the tank grows in diameter.

For many mixing applications, Mixer Tank Baffles are one of the most beneficial additions you can equip your mixer with. These relatively affordable components allow you to improve the flow pattern in your mixer tank without putting much more strain on the impeller shaft.

The most common type of baffles used are standard baffles. These baffles are mounted on the side and span the height of the tank from top to bottom for vertical mixing tanks.  Base baffles are fitted for conical mixing vessels.

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