Fume-Tight Bolted Lids

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Fume-Tight Bolted Lids

Fume-Tight Bolted Lids for tanks are part of the storage tank systems manufactured by Enduramaxx. These lids are compatible with many different chemicals including fuming chemicals that require sealing when stored. For these chemical applications, the use of a fume tight lid is usually required. There are many applications where these may be required, here is some details on how a fume tight lid functions and what options are available to meet your chemical storage needs.

Hydrochloric Acid Must Be Sealed When Stored

Hydrochloric Acid, a chemical used to lower the pH of the water and as an emulsion breaker in industrial wastewater treatment, requires a fuel proof lid. The lid is used to protect people and the environment from the harmful fumes and the chemical’s corrosive nature.

Main Types of Fume Tight Lids

There are four main sizes for fume tight lids that Enduramaxx uses. The 300, 400, 600 and 800mm diameter lids for the range of the chemical and bunded tanks. These lids are generally fusion welded to the tanks and with a Viton or EPDM seal chemical bolts with moulded plastic heads. The larger fume tight lids are generally moulded on the larger tanks.

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Lid Size

300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm

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