Conical Hatchery Tanks for Microalgae Cultivation

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Microalgae Cultivation Tanks Specification

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  • Available in natural polyethene material
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Conical Hatchery Tanks for Microalgae Cultivation

Conical Hatchery Tanks for Microalgae Cultivation are used in laboratories for growing algae.  The smaller, steep-sided cone tanks are used for the mass cultivation of microalgae.  Tank design is important when considering flow-through as larvae need to be retained within the tank whilst at the same time the volume large enough to ensure that added food has a sufficient residence time to be eaten. The exchange rate in the tank needs to be sufficient to prevent metabolic wastes from accumulating whilst being able to flush out the tank periodically.

The batch culture of microalgae consists of a single inoculation of cells into a container of fertilized seawater followed by a growing period of several days and finally harvesting when the algal population reaches its maximum or near-maximum density.   Batch culture systems are widely applied because of their simplicity and flexibility to change species rapidly.

Batch cultures are harvested prior to the initiation of the stationary phase and always need to be maintained for a substantial period past the maximum specific growth rate.

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Dimensions1400 × 800 × 1000 mm

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