Conical Biofuel Settling Tanks

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Conical Biofuel Settling Tanks Specification


Conical Biofuel Settling Tanks

Conical Biofuel Settling Tanks are used in for storage and the manufacture of biofuels. Many installers prefer the conical tanks as the cone outlet has a smooth transition from tank to drainpipe where the liquid exits the tank.

Conical Biofuel Settling Tanks Advantages

There are many advantages of plastic cone bottom tanks including being a lot cheaper than steel. In natural the tank walls are translucent so you can see inside them without the need for additional level indicators.  These are suitable for up to 45 deg C, above this temperature we recommend the polypropylene tanks which are suitable up to 65 deg C.  Being chemically inert, do not promote auto-oxidation, do not rust and oil does not form a skin on the inside of the tank like it sometimes does with bare steel.  View our range here

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Dimensions2600 × 2600 × 4150 mm
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