Chemical Safe Bunded Zones

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Chemical Safe Bunded Zones Specification

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Chemical Safe Bunded Zones

Enduramaxx Chemical Safe Bunded Zones for dosing and chemical tanks.  These drip trays are entirely acid resistant, for use with a wide range of chemicals and liquids. The dimensions of these drip trays are customisable to you your requirements and are available from 50 litres capacities for dosing tanks to multiple 30,000-litre tanks capacities.

Chemical Safe Bunds are used in chemical dosing and plants rooms, we often customise these to incorporate pump mounting plates, mixer and pipe framework to incorporate dosing pump systems. This ensures that the containers and any potential spill zones around the pump system are fully bunded, therefore providing a safe environment for your engineers.

These chemical safe bunded zones are fitted with a valve on the side for complete drain, these can either be plumbed into a permanent chemical drain or isolated for manual discharge.

Chemical dosing is used in conjunction with several types of equipment including coagulation and flocculation (Alum & Ferric), RO plants (Bisulphite & Antiscalent), ph adjustment (Caustic & Acid), Demineralisation plant regeneration (Hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide), Boilers (Hydrazine) etc. Chemical dosing can also be used separately e.g. hypochlorite dosing to sterilize water supplies.

Picture shown includes optional extra equipment for illustration purposes only.

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