Chemical Process Tanks

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Please note: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3% variation

Chemical Process Tanks

Enduramaxx produces Chemical Process Tanks for bulk acid and chemical storage.  As chemical tank manufacturers, Enduramaxx offer the ability to supply bespoke storage packages based on the requirements of your application with our sales engineers work closely with our clients to offer the best possible advice and solutions to ensure every project is a success.

Examples Of Chemicals Stored In Storage Tanks;

Ferric sulphate and chlorideAluminium sulphate, PolymersPAC are just some of the chemicals that can be stored in Polyethylene and Polypropylene tanks.  The extent of the resistance to corrosion of both Polyethylene and Polypropylene is often surprising to those who have historically used stainless steel or GRP.  The ability to withstand chemical effects on all surfaces, without the limit of fill cycles or chemical reaction, can make rotationally moulded an ideal material for chemical storage tank manufacture.

Fabricated Plastic Tanks or Moulded?

Enduramaxx can supply acid tanks from fabricated PE or as rotationally moulded tanks. Fabricated tanks have endless possibilities to suit footprint or restrictions.  We already have an enormous range of off-the-shelf moulded tanks so would be worth checking our range of tanks online.  Although we welcome any bespoke tank enquiry, we can quite often supply a tank which is very close to your requirements, from our “off the shelf” range.

Our Chemical Process Tank Range

CodeVertical Process TanksColourDimensions (mm)
1727011100 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural500 dia x 680 H
1725011150 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural600 dia x 650 H
1727021200 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural655 dia x 795 H
1725031300 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural600 dia x 1200 H
1727031300 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural650 dia x 1090
1725041400 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural700 dia x 1330 H
1725051500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural700 dia x 1500 H
1727051500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural800 dia x 1200 H
1727061500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural690 dia x 1570 H
1725071720 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural700 dia x 2150 H
1725081800 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural980 dia x 1280 H
1722021900 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1400 dia x 980 H
17271011000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural980 dia x 1600 H
17220311000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1400 dai x 1200 H
17271211200 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1160 Dia x 1310 H
17220511250 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1200 dia x 1200 H
17271511500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1160 Dia x 1680 H
17220611500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1200 dia x 1680H
17220812000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1200 dia x 1960 H
17220713000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1900 dia x 1200 H
17221012500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1400 dia x 1800 H
17220913500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1900 dia x 1430 H
17221113000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1400 dia x 2135 H
17221214000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1900 dia x 1875 H
17221314000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1700 dia x 2210 H
17221414500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1700 dia x 2306 H
17221515000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1900 dia x 2300 H
17221616000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1900 dia x 2500 H
17220415000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2600 dia x 1300 H
17221717000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2450 dia x 1820 H
17221917500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2600 dia x 1800 H
172222110000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2400 dia x 2500 H
172223110000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2600 dia x 2410 H
172224110000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural1900 dia x 3700 H
172226112000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2400 dia x 2950 H
172225112500 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2600 dia x 2830 H
172229115000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2400 dia x 3550 H
172132115000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2600 dia x 3060 H
172230116800 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2600 dia x 3410 H
172238120000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2850 dia x 3600 H
172235120800 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2600 dia x 4150 H
172250122000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural3450 dia x 2750 H
172240125000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural2700 dia x 4650 H
172255125000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural3450 dia x 3200 H
172260130000 Litre VerticalBlack/Natural3450 dia x 3650 H


The Enduramaxx Advantage

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry allow us to design and manufacture a chemical process tank to your requirement.  These include bunds, pipework and as many other smaller components

Additional information

Dimensions1200 × 1200 × 2088 mm
Capacity (Litres)
Colour Options

Black, Natural, Boat Blue, Dark Green

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