Blood Collection Storage Tank

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Blood Collection Storage Tank

A Blood Collection Storage Tank Storage Tanks is used on abattoir and slaughterhouses for the storage of blood.  One of the main sources of wastewaters is rinses and cleaning operations which must be carried out in accordance with legislation under the Food Safety Act 1990.  Reducing water consumption is important, both to conserve a limited resource and to reduce the load on the effluent treatment plant.

Typical blook collection tanks include a high-level fill from the process, flanged provision for ultrasonic level control equipment, flanged fitting for the vent to carbon filter and sludge tanker collection. Outlet point.

Bunding of the tank is generally a requirement as well as side access for entry to the tank for cleaning and maintenance.

Why does abattoir wastewater need collecting & treating?

Wastewater from slaughterhouses can be incredibly harmful to the environment as it contains many harmful substances. These include high amounts of organic substances, fats, proteins, fibre, pathogens. There is also a large percentage of pharmaceuticals in slaughterhouse wastewater, administered to the animals for veterinary purposes.  These substances create incredibly high BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) levels. If left untreated this will create incredibly harmful effects on aquatic life and those who come into contact with the untreated water.

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HSE Requirements for Blood Collection Storage Tanks

The HSE have recommendations and requirements for the storage and collection of blood at abattoirs here.

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