250 Litre Compost Tea Brewer

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250 Litre Compost Tea Brewer Specification

  • 250 litre rotationally moulded PE tank, 100% rust proof
  • UV Stabilised, 455mm dia lid
  • Dimensions (mm) 609 dia x 1257 h
  • Hiblow HP100 Pump with disc diffuser and filter bag
  • Supplied as standard with a Full Drain 2” Outlet, additional ports available
  • Available in black, boat blue, dark green or natural colour
  • UK manufactured – 10 year guarantee – 1 year on pump
  • Supplied direct from stock for fast delivery
  • Please note: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3% variation

250 Litre Compost Tea Brewer

250 Litre Compost Tea Brewer – compost tea brewing by definition is the extraction of three components of a source compost including micronutrients, microorganisms and organic compounds (metabolites) into a water solution. These constituents are all transferred into an aqueous environment that has optimum temperature, water condition, oxygen levels and food resources. Micronutrients transfer into the water at linear quantities.  Microorganisms, however, reproduce exponentially to extremely high numbers, and as a result, organic compounds increase exponentially as well—directly correlated to the microorganism increase. All of this occurs by the direct contact of water with the source compost over a 24 hour period, allowing the biological fraction of the compost to separate from the particulate matter and transfer into the water. In addition, the soluble mineral fraction of the compost also separates from the particulate matter and transfers into the water to a free-form state.

Compost can be used as an additive to the soil, or other matrices such as coir and peat, as a tilth improver, supplying humus and nutrients. It provides a rich growing medium or a porous, absorbent material that holds moisture and soluble minerals, providing the support and nutrients in which plants can flourish, although it is rarely used alone, being primarily mixed with soil, sand, grit, bark chips, vermiculite, perlite, or clay granules to produce loam. Compost can be tilled directly into the soil or growing medium to boost the level of organic matter and the overall fertility of the soil. Compost that is ready to be used as an additive is dark brown or even black with an earthy smell.

Generally, direct seeding into compost is not recommended due to the speed with which it may dry and the possible presence of phytotoxins in immature compost that may inhibit germination, and the possible tie-up of nitrogen by incompletely decomposed lignin. It is very common to see blends of 20–30% compost used for transplanting seedlings at cotyledon stage or later.

Compost can be used to increase plant immunity to diseases and pests.

What type of compost tea do my plants need?

Brassicas and annual grasses grow in bacterial dominant soils and need a bacterial dominant compost tea brewed for approx 10 hours.  Vegetables and cereal crops and fodder grasses grow in a rootzone with a good mix of fungi and bacteria and need a balanced tea brewed for 18-24 hours.  It is relatively easy to grow bacteria in sufficient numbers but to ensure a fungal dominant tea we recommend that a fungal additive is used towards the end of the brewing process.

Compost teas from a 250 Litre Compost Tea Brewer can be applied with a standard sprayer, fertigation system or irrigation system.

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Dimensions 81.2 × 81.2 × 156.3 cm
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