2,000 Litre Underground Tank

£1,318.80 inc. VAT
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2,000 Litre Underground Tank Features

  • Dimensions (mm) 2860 H x 1100 Dia
  • Comes complete with 620mm Ø plastic lid
  • Pipework Options – 32mm and 50mm
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

2,000 Litre Underground Tank

Enduramaxx’s 2000 litre underground tank is designed for use in the industrial, agricultural, commercial and domestic schemes. Rotationally manufactured with high-density polyethene in a robust one-piece stress-free moulding with smooth hygienic internal and external surfaces.

Popular uses for this 2,000 Litre Underground Tank

  • Borehole water storage
  • Fire sprinkler water storage
  • Horticultural and Market Garden applications
    Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3% variation

Rainwater Harvesting FAQ’s

What is rainwater harvesting?  Rainwater harvesting is the collection of rainwater from the surface or surfaces upon which it falls. This water would otherwise have gone into the drainage system. Once collected and stored, the rainwater can be used for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, garden watering and washing clothes using a washing machine.

Why should I consider a rainwater harvesting system?  Water resources are under pressure in England & Wales as demand for water is rises due to the increase in the population, changes in lifestyles and a changing climate. 

What savings can be achieved by using a rainwater harvesting system? Any rainwater harvesting system will reduce your dependence on the mains water supply.  Potential savings should be assessed on an individual basis, .factors which will influence this are; the demand for non-potable water, the amount of rainwater that can be collected and whether the property is charged by volume of volume used.  Savings will be higher in commercial/industrial buildings and schools as these types of buildings having much larger roof areas and a much greater demand for non-potable water.

Are there grants for rainwater harvesting?  There are grants for rainwater harvesting which are available in regions of the country.  

What are the benefits of using a rainwater harvesting system?  A rainwater harvesting system will reduce the demand for mains water and relieve pressure on available supplies.

How much water do I need to store?  The tank is often the most expensive part of the system and choosing the right size is key to minimising costs. The tank size needs to be a balance of cost and storage capacity. The tank should also overflow at least twice a year to flush out floating debris.

Does your rainwater tank need to be Fluid Category 5 Compliant?  Some rainwater tank installations need to be fluid category 5 compliment, we have a range of slimline and vertical tanks which are available.

Additional information

Dimensions1100 × 1100 × 2860 mm
Capacity (Litres)


No Lid, Square Lid, 620mm dia plastic

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Rainwater Harvesting Calculator

Rainfall Calculator

Need help selecting which tank is right for you? Use our calculator below to make your selection easier!

Amount of Rain Harvested (litres):

Minimum Tank Size:

Assume the tank can fill 3 times per year (Depends on rainfall and usage patterns)

Technical Specification 2000L Flat Underground Tank – VTR-200  Technical Specification 2000L Flat Underground Tank – VTR-200

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