1,500 Litre Chemical Tank

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1,500 Litre Industrial Chemical Tank Specification

  • Dimensions (mm) 116 Dia x 1680 H
  • WRAS-approved polymer in black, natural and blue, and other non-potable colours upon request.
  • Type AB Airgap can be fitted to tanks as an optional extra.
  • 100% rust proof
  • UK manufactured
  • 10 year guarantee

Please note: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3% variation

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1,500 Litre Industrial Chemical Tank

Enduramaxx’s 1722061 1,500 Litre chemical tank with dimensions of 1200 mm dia x 1700 mm h.  This free-standing tank is rotationally moulded, made from UV stabilised PE and has a smooth interior. The increased wall thickness of this tank enables it to be used for the storage of liquids, chemical and reagents up to 1.5 SG or 2 SG depending on the wall density specified. This tank has a 455mm dia lid in the entre of the tank, raised areas for mounting fittings.

Uses for this 1,500-litre chemical tank:

  • Primary treatment and Clarification of liquids
  • Aerobic/Anaerobic Digestion tank
  • Beer/Cider brewing, winemaking & the Food Industry
  • Dosing tank, Chemical, and Biological treatment tank
  • Molasses, liquid feed, and liquid fertiliser storage tank
  • Chemical storage tank
  • Bio-diesel tank
  • Ferric Chloride Tank
  • Dissolved Air Floatation tank
  • Construction and civil engineering applications
  • De-icing tank
  • Ultra-pure water systems
  • Cold liquor tanks
  • Nutrient Removal Systems
  • Dirty water tanks, sludge handling and treatment tank
  • Wastewater tank
  • R O holding tank (reverse osmosis holding tank)
  • Buffer tank
  • Dump tank

WRAS / Food Grade Tanks

Our chemical-grade tanks are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved in PE and PP in black, blue, and natural.  These polymers also carry a certificate for contact with food.

Equipment Mounting, Pipework and Customisation

The 1,500 litre industrial tank is offered with chemical tank options including industrial mixers, conductivity assemblies as well as liquid level sensor assemblies, and fill pipes.  The 1,500 Litre chemical tank is available with many fittings and modifications to suit your application including includes inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as fume proof lids and vents.

Chemical Storage Tanks for up to 2.0 SG

All our chemical storage tanks are suitable for use with solutions where the SG (Specific Gravity) does not exceed an SG of 1.5.  For chemicals and fertilisers heavier than this we can manufacture each size of the tank with an increased wall thickness to for use with solutions with an SG up to 2.0.

Bunds for 1,500 Litre Industrial Tank

Open and closed bunds are available to ensure compliance with Health & Safety legislation and to provide containment in the event of the tank becoming compromised.   To ensure legislative compliance bunded tanks, or double-walled chemical storage tanks offer the same internal storage capacity as the single skin tank as well as providing a confinement space which can contain the liquid within the tank should it become compromised. Effectively each tank is a tank within a tank   This offers a number of advantages including offering a compliant chemical storage tank with a reduced footprint compared to a traditional bund tank.  These are priced upon application – details on these tanks is available online here

Chemical Tank Delivery

Our 1,500 litre chemical storage tanks are manufactured by Enduramaxx at our factory in Lincolnshire.  Most of these chemical tanks area stock for collection or quick delivery through the UK.  We are available to deliver to site for an installer with to save double handling of these tanks.  Hiab delivery options are available if required.

How Big is a 1,500 Litre Chemical Tank?

Capacity1,500 Litres
Diameter1200 mm
Height1720 mm
Lid455mm dia lid

Additional information

Dimensions1200 × 1200 × 1650 mm
Wall Type

1.5 SG, 2.0 SG


Black, Natural, Dark Green, Blue

Capacity (Litres)

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