1,000 Litre Chemical Dosing Tank



1,000 Litre Chemical Dosing Tank Specification

  • Lid: 355mm – Supplied with no outlet unless specified
  • Dimensions (mm) 1000x1000x1600
  • Available in black, boat blue, dark green, red or natural colour
  • Manufactured from WRAS Approved material in black & boat blue colour
  • Available with an outer bund as an optional extra
  • 100% rust proof
  • UK manufactured
  • Max Temperature – 40 deg C
  • Spec sheet – 1,000 Litre Chemical Dosing Tank

Please note: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3% variation


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1,000 Litre Chemical Dosing Tank

1,000 litre Dosing Tank is manufactured using food grade polymer and the latest in rotational moulded UV stabilised technologies, ensuring durability and stability. Chemical resistant MDPE (medium density polyethene) is compatible with a wide range of chemicals and reagents.

Moulded as a one-piece plastic tank there are no seams or welds for better strength and better for storing oxidising chemicals. These tanks are suitable for over 1500 litre chemicals, please get in contact if you wish to check the compatibility of the chemicals you are looking at storing.

Graduated Tank & Optional Colours

This 1,000 litre dosing tank has a graduated scale on the tank which allows viewing of the level in the tank natural. The black tanks which are used to store light-sensitive chemicals, a cat & mouse or valved level gauge are available.

These 1,000 litre dosing tanks are available in other colours to donate contents of the tank. Colours include black, natural, blue, green and red. The screw lid on the tank enables the installation of mixers if required.

Stepped Lid Dosing Tank for Chemical Pumps

The tank incorporates a stepped lid (raised upper section) to allow for the fitting of a chemical dosing pump and is fitted with a 355 mm screw lid to the lower section. This raised section can be used for mounting dosing pumps, mixers, flanges, or sockets for instrumentation.

Popular uses for this 1,000 litre dosing tank include:

  • Water treatment
  • Purification of water
  • Storage and mixing of chemicals.
  • Performing flocculation, pH adjustments and disinfection of liquids

Customisation Dosing Tanks

These dosing tanks are manufactured with a raised flat shelf, which is designed so that equipment can be mounted on top of the tank. We can offer the dosing tank fitted with industrial mixers, liquid level assemblies and fill pipes. Dosing tank stands are available for where flooded suction pumps are being used.

The 1,000 Litre Chemical Tank can be used as a 1,000 litre process vessel. These tanks are available complete with fittings and modifications to suit your application including inlets, outlets, flange, sockets, overflows, and other general pipework.

Secondary Containment Bund Tank for Chemical Dosing Tanks

Open and closed bunds are available to ensure compliance with Health & Safety legislation for chemical storage tanks and to provide containment in the event of the tank becoming compromised. The dosing tank bunds are available to purchase online. here.

This bund allows the tank to be stood in the bund making the top of the tank easily accessible for pumps, mixers, and filling. The bund is available in a range of colours like the tank.

How Big is a 1,000 Litre Chemical Dosing Tank?

Capacity 1,000 Litres
Diameter 1000 mm
Height 1600 mm
Lid 355 mm dia lid


Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 100 × 160 cm

Black, Natural, Dark Green, Red, Blue

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1,000 Litre Chemical Dosing Tank  1,000 Litre Chemical Dosing Tank

Technical Specification 172712 Chemical Dosing Tank  Technical Specification 172712 Chemical Dosing Tank

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